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So you’ve finished Wedding Flirts! and you want to know what the heck I’m doing in between Flirts! collections?  Oh, my nails, of course.  Eating bonbons.  Refereeing fights over who gets the XBox next.

Okay.  Not true.  I don’t think I’ve done my nails since my wedding and I prefer truffles to bonbons.  (I’m not entirely sure what bonbons are.)  Although, the refereeing part is true.  But don’t worry, I’m very busy writing.  Here’s what I’m up to.

Right now I’m finishing up novel #2 in my Willowdale Romance series that Bell Bridge Books is publishing this November.  Man of the Month features best friends Jeanne and Brad who would be a perfect match if not for one small thing:  she wants a baby more than anything, and for very good reasons, he does not.  In hopes of getting Jeanne out of his system, Brad proposes a unique New Year’s resolution—Man of the Month.  He’s going to set her up with a different guy each month until she finds love.  Only problem, this fool plan just makes them realize how much they truly love each other.

So this book’s due July 1st and I have a couple key scenes to revise.  I feel like Baby in Dirty Dancing when their dance at the Sheldrake is a week away and she starts complaining to Johnny that she doesn’t know the turns or the lift and he takes her to the lake for that lovely scene.  (Don’t you looooooove that movie?) Only, no one’s taking me to any lake.  In my case, baby definitely needs to be in the corner—writing!  But this book has been a lot of fun.  I can’t decide which bad blind date was the worst!

I’m also awaiting revision notes from my editor at HarperCollins for my middle grade novel Tomboy Beauty Queen.  Those will probably come in right after I finish Man of the Month.  Then I’ll get to work making changes on that book.  (I actually love the revision part better than the writing-the-first-draft part.)

I’ve also been walking around with ideas in my head for Fairy Tale Flirts 2! which I hope to have out by September 1st.  This collection is going to be set around a seaside carnival outside New Royalton.  I plan on featuring The Little Mermaid, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and either Rumplestilskin or Peter Pan.  I’m very excited to start this collection, but a lot of the writing process is truly done in my head before my fingers hit the keyboard, conjuring up the ideas, and getting to know my characters’ back stories.  Don’t worry.  It’s all marinating in there.

I’m also working on short story #2 in the Willowdale series that I hope to release this summer.  “A Little Hanky Panky” shows us when the characters from Man of the Month meet for the first time.       I released “A Fine How-De-Do” this spring.  That’s the first short story in the series.

And while all this is going on, I try to corral the many new ideas that are constantly galloping through my imagination.

And very occasionally, writing a blog post or two.  🙂

Oh, and I’ve got a short story called “Hot and Bothered” coming out in an anthology with a bunch of great authors this July.  I’ll be sure to let you know when that’s out.  I also recently bundled three Flirts! collections into one volume I call 15 Shades of Pink!  15 Romantic Short Stories From the Flirts! Collections.  This volume contains Flirts!, Beach Flirts! and Fairy Tale Flirts! It’s priced at 5.99.  That’s like buying two and getting one free.

So there you have it.  I’m knee deep in the thick of it, but should have some new stuff out soon.  Happy reading!  Hope you have lots of time to kick back with a good story; now I gotta get back to writing mine.


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  1. Deanne
    Posted on February 4, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    Hi Lisa , I cannot wait for Reunion Flirts and Fairy tale flirts # 2 to hit the shelves but mos of all I am extremely excited for Man of the Month because Jeanne and Brad are my favourite couple and characters from your Willowdale Series!!!

    I have just purchased Kate’s story and awaiting Jeanne’s story to come out I hope their best friend Tonya will have her own book too and find some happiness as well ( maybe even get back with her cop ex -love Tommy Larsen) but a girl can hope ……

    Love your stories!!!!!!

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