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Hey, I didn’t quit this blogging thing yet

Look.  I made it to post number two.  (Mostly because I have to fix something in my WIP and the inspiration just isn’t coming!  I knew this would be a great way not to write.)

            So, I’m kind of cheating in post #2 by sending you to the post #1 I wrote for Book Luvin’ Babes (a site my friend Dana Taylor started.  I’m one of the peeps who’s going to be blogging there.  This is so like me—don’t blog for years, then start blogging on two sites, mine and hers.  Typical.)

            In my first post over there, I talk about the reasons I love my favorite books.  Do you know why you love the books you love?  Are there certain things you must have in a book for it to be a favorite?

Here’s my take on what I love about a good book.  I’d love to hear yours!





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